Saturday, June 20, 2009

My beaded bird

I thought you might like to look at my entry into the EXOTICA exhibition being hosted by the ATASDA Assoc. This exhibition is being shown all over Australia at the quilt shows being hosted at all major capital cities. It is the first time I have done this type of exhibiting and I have to say I was very excited.
My girlfriend and I went to Darling Harbour last Wednesday to have a look at the exhibit and it blew us away. The effort the girls go to, to show our work is amazing.
Some of my students where there as well and said they enjoyed the display of everyones work.
Mine is a beaded piece using silk as the base. He is supposed to be a rare bird. The piece took on a night time feel which made him look very mysterious.
I do hope you get a chance to get along and see the exhibition.
Cheers Larna

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fabric collage

These are some pics of a fabric collage workshop I'm doing on line thru

The class is with Jane LaFazio and it is very interesting. It certainly is stretching & challenging my boundaries with what I usually do.

I have painted fabric and then stressed it with salt. Shiva paintstick the leaf and then tissue papered the butterfly on. I'm waiting for it to dry before I continue

A couple more photos follow with different stamping techniques etc.
It has been fun seeing the other girls work and talking on the forum pages. I haven't had any luck downloading the photos so I thought I'd put them up here.
Have a great weekend

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sorry it's been over a month since I posted. Life has been very hectic but good. I received this gift of a charm and ribbon in the post from Pat Winter a couple of weeks ago. She is a very clever lady and also very generous. I plan to have a play with making a charm myself as she has inspired me to do so. The charm arrrived on this lovely tag too.
Speeking of time I can't beleive it goes so quickly lately. Does anyone notice this too. I have been pondery this a lot and can't seem to get a handle on it. I ask myself 'Where has the time gone" "What have I done over the last 50 year"
"What have I got to show for it"
You know the drill. I guess this is a time in my life I wonder whats ahead as much as whats ahead.
My husband and I are comming up for our 30th wedding anniversary and I truely can't beleive it has been that long.
Two great kids and a life of memories and love.
I should be very grateful, and I am.
But where has the time gone.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My first jonquil

II thought you would like to see some of my birdhouses that I love to put our and about in the garden. These three hand together in one of our firewheel trees near the house.
I think they look good together when grouped. I will post more of my birdhouses as I take photos of them. Not all of them are in the garden. Some are on the verandah of the house too.
They are great little features and I love my little houses.
I'm a bit surprised they are not occupied by my little bird friends.

I was in the garden over the weekend, in the rain, doing some much needed weeding. The day was dull and cool but a lone flower, the first for this time of year, showed it's face under one of our trees near the house.

Just goes to show that when you look around sunshine is there in the most unexpected places.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I thought you might like to see some creative girls from a class we did on an evening bag day. The girls did a great job of doing their bag bases and then getting a lot of embellishing done the next day. Everyone had their own colour schemes in mind so they all looked different.
We had a lot of fun and everyone was happy with their creations.
This is a two day workshop on offer at Packing Shed Patchwork Studio.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've been tagged

Pat thanks for the tag. I'm pretty new to this but I will follow what you have done and list 5 favourite things and 5 friends.

Favourite things
1. Crazy quilting
2. Collecting things for crazy quilting
3. Antiques
4. Friends
5. Lasagna

Great friends from blogland (I'd put Pats' name but she tagged me)
1. Sharon Chapman
2. Lilla le Vine
3. Sandy Berry
4. Karen - The Graphics Fairy
5. Lynn - The Vintage Nest

Friday, January 23, 2009

Politics is everywhere

Wow, the politics and emotion was really a combination on the live coverage of the inauguration of the new president of the USA. I have a strong feeling of hope for the rest of the planet after watching all of the festivities.
It's not only our American friends who want a good president but also the rest of the world.
Speaking of politics we had a fantastic turn out at one of our local clubs for a community meeting that myself and a couple of other friends organized. It is in relation to the rezoning of prime agricultural land and the building of high density housing into this land. The public were fantastic and we have elected a committee to tackle our local council and oppose this threat to our beautiful area.
We live in rural residential living on the edge of the Blue Mountains and a developer wants to make a lot of money at our expense.
The local people have the power to overcome this obstacle. I have faith and hope in people power.
Wow haven't I been on my soap box. I guess it's in my blood as my grandmother was a sufrajet and I am related to our first Prime Minister Barton.